About Pass Plus

The Pass Plus course is aimed at new drivers whatever their age.

Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the two years after passing their test due to the lack of driving experience.

The Pass Plus course is designed to build on the skills and knowledge already gained leading up to the driving test.

Anyone can take the Pass Plus course, though it is primarily aimed at the newly qualified driver.

There is no test at the end of the course. However, a minimum standard must be achieved by the pupil. The report form is filled out by me and then signed by both the pupil and myself before being sent to the DSA. The DSA will then process the form and forward the certificate to the pupil. This should then be forwarded to the insurance company if requested.

Pass Plus Modules

There are 6 modules (6 hours minimum) to cover and wherever possible they are done as a ‘practical’ lesson. For instance, if you do Pass Plus in the winter months it may be possible to learn how to drive on snow. If you do the course in the summer months however, this would have to be covered in theory. Modules:Town driving, Rural driving, All weather driving, Night driving, Dual carriageways, Motorways

The Cost Of The Course

At present the Pass Plus course represents excellent value for money as pupils who have learned exclusively with me will receive a 2 hour discount. The full price of the course is £138/144. With insurance premiums for young drivers (especially men) increasing as they are, month on month, the amount saved (around 20-40%) will far outweigh the cost of the course, even if taken at the full cost.

The Benefits

There is a huge benefit to the pupil for undertaking the course as you will gain experience in situations you will not have covered before. The modules on dual carriageway and motorway driving are possibly the most important and valuable for the new driver. Due to this, any time remaining from the modules that can only be covered in theory will be added on to these modules to gain maximum benefit from the limited time.

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