Your Licence

Before your first driving lesson you must have received your photo-card licence from the DVLA.

We can then discuss your personal lesson requirements and availability on your first lesson. If you have a specific date for your first lesson (e.g. your 17th birthday) please allow adequate time for your license to be processed. You can apply for your licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday.

If you would like to be picked up from work/school/college I will try to accomodate this wherever possible, as long as it is within my normal working area.

Your Starter Pack

Prior to your first driving lesson you may have received your starter pack. This is so you can read through the contents and familiarise yourself with the topics we will be covering on your first driving lesson – cockpit drill, the use of any relevant controls, mirrors, moving off and stopping and possibly left turns. You could also, if you wish, make a start on reading your copy of the Highway Code, as well as possibly reading up online and/or getting an app for you mobile phone. There is no specific point at which you should take your theory test, but I personally believe the sooner the better and once you have passed you have two years in which to pass your driving tes

Your First Lesson

When I arrive for your 1st lesson, I will need to check your entitlement to drive. This can be done prior to your 1st lesson, by going to the DVLA website, getting your details up, and then sending a link to my email address. To do it on the day, you will need to bring both your licence and National Insurance number. We’ll then do the check before setting off. I will then check your eyesight by asking you to read a number plate at the required legal distance of 20.5m or 20m for the new style number plates. If, for whatever reason, you can not do so, your driving lesson will not take place and the lesson cost will be forfeited. It would therefore be a good idea to check eye sight yourself prior to actually applying for your license. I will then drive us to a suitable location for your first lesson i.e. a road that is relatively quiet and straight. After explaining how to lock/unlock the car and how to enter the vehicle safely, I will then run through any remaining paperwork checks and the lesson structure. We will then run through the Cockpit Drill, how to position yourself correctly, the use any relevant controls and then run through moving off and stopping. I will talk you through how to do this, and, possibly, even a gear change, all in your first lesson, which will ideally be 2 hours in length, due to the number of things we’ll need to run through. For driving, it is best to wear a comfortable pair of shoes or trainers that don’t have a very chunky sole or high heels. Many people have a favourite pair of driving shoes, which they then change out of at the end of their journey. Please do not come in your flip-flops!